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"As to disliking Miss O'Hara, it's more a case of despising; she's beneath my dislike."

She stepped out of the open window, and walked rapidly across the wide gravel sweep.Rummyglee

Miss O'Hara stooped carelessly to pick it up. "Poor little bud!" she said, laying it on her hand. "But there are such a lot of you—such a lot! Still, it seems a pity to crush your sweetness out."

"Yes, what a loud, metallic sound! We have such a dear old eight-day clock at the Castle; it's said to be quite a hundred years old, and I'm certain it's haunted. My dear Dolly, to hear that clock boom forth the hour at midnight would make the stoutest heart quail."


An audible titter was heard down the table, and Mrs. Freeman turned somewhat red.

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Rummyglee"Oh, never mind about bed—I'm not the least sleepy."

"But we are not allowed to cut the boughs, Bridget," said Katie.

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