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2022-08-11 Author: Poly News

"Not for over a month?"These remarks usually turned the tables against Janet May, but they also had another effect. She began to be sparing of her sharp, unkind words in Bridget's hearing. This, however, did not prevent her hating the new girl with the most cordial hatred she had ever yet bestowed upon anyone.


"Love me," she pleaded; "do love me, for I love you.""Lost whom?" answered Janet in her tart voice.


"Pain and anxiety! I like that! You are just angry with me—that's about all!"Bridget O'Hara's clear blue eyes were opened a little, wider apart."Yes, I am sure she has a good deal of physical courage, but that does not alter the fact of her having defied my authority and led the children into mischief."

"I never knew before that I had an enemy," said Janet, in her guarded voice.[Pg 72]

7updownSmall girls are easily influenced, and Bridget and her tribe rushed down the avenue, shouting and whooping as they went.

"I am sorry for you also, my dear. I earnestly desire that you should be a good girl, for the girl is the mother of the woman, and a good girl makes that admirable and priceless treasure—a good woman by and by."

"Will you have some fruit?" she said coldly, laying[Pg 14] a restraining hand as she spoke on the girl's beflowered and embroidered dress.


Evelyn Percival was one of the few girls in the school who was privileged to have a room to herself. Her little room was prettily draped in white and pink. It was called the Pink Room, and adjoined the Blue Room, which was occupied by Bridget O'Hara.