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2022-10-01 Author: Poly News
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"And isn't she nice to-day?""Yes, darling, I did. Shall we go into the common room now? I'm dying to see it."

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Mrs. Freeman breathed a sigh of relief.

Janet turned away, and Olive was obliged to look out for a fresh companion to attach herself to."He'll be sorry he sent me; he'll be sorry he listened to Aunt Kathleen," she said to herself."Oh, well; it's all the same," said Olive. "You won't admit the feeling that animates your breast, but I know that it is there, chérie. Now I have got something to confess on my own account—I don't like her either."

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"And so do I"—"And I"—cried both Ruth and Olive.

"And if she happens to fancy Bridget she won't mind[Pg 40] a word we say against her. She never does mind what anyone says. You know that, Janet.""You have a perfect mania for those children, Dorothy," exclaimed Olive. "I call it an impertinence on their parts to worry themselves about sixth-form girls. What's the matter, Janet? Why that contraction of your angel brow?"

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"Yes, what a loud, metallic sound! We have such a dear old eight-day clock at the Castle; it's said to be quite a hundred years old, and I'm certain it's haunted. My dear Dolly, to hear that clock boom forth the hour at midnight would make the stoutest heart quail."

The door was opened, and a neatly dressed servant of the name of Marshall entered, bearing a dinner tray.Referral and earn bonus.

She scrutinized Olive's face now, a slightly satirical expression hovering round her somewhat thin lips."You deny that she's weak," repeated Janet. "I wonder what your idea of strength is, Olive."